Principle 1

Market Opportunity and Consumer Need

We will evaluate your product category, size of category and potential growth analysis.  The competitive landscape review and interpretations will be critical to your success.

Principle 2


How do you define your product and brand differentiation; are you disrupting with your launch; how do you communicate to your consumer.

Principle 3

Formulation, Packaging, and Manufacturing

Our formulation lab and expertise will develop your concept, help you secure the right packaging and facilitate the commercialization of your product including manufacturing.

Principle 4

Viable Business Model

Reviewing pricing strategy with cost of goods and margins to determine initial viability of your business and product launch.

Principle 5

Brand Strategy, Consumer Messaging

We help in developing your brand strategy and positioning.  Our process includes brand essence and moves into package design, message development, sales materials, and website.

Principle 6

Channel Strategies/Distribution Models

We develop distribution systems designed to fit the brand, category, and the retailer.  Those are based on the best channel and retailer strategies which will best align with your consumer.  Understanding the right channels and the link between the brand proposition and the outlet and how to maximize volume is optimal.

Principle 7

Marketing Strategies

Selecting the right promotional strategies to build and grow your business including advertising, social media, internet media, events, etc.

Principle 8


What are the necessary systems, timing and sourcing for your general and administrative infrastructure.

Principle 9


Building and developing teams—from entry level to executive is critically important.  We help you with the right timing; hiring at the right level at the right time.
We also believe it is important to have relationship building—planning and training distributors; managing brokers to execute as an integral part of your launch.

Principle 10


Preparing the brand for raising money is as important as any of the other aspects.  Not only do we do the business plans that will best prepare you for this process, we assist with connecting you to the right contacts.

"Building Brand equity through traditional out of store media is no doubt beneficial, but unless the Brand building & activation initiatives continue inside the store, many shoppers will stray and potentially never return".  

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